Studio Concept Studies

Eric Staller’s oeuvre encompasses sculptural objects and prototypes; models and renderings commissioned by corporate and civic entities; fantasy architectures and futuristic vehicles; studies for ‘interventions’ and performance artworks

The Pod appears as something old and yet vaguely futuristic, a bit steam-punk, a bit Jules Verne, surreal and beautifully made. The skeleton of the pod will be steel tubing. The skin is to be made of perforated copper, patinated to look like a great old object of ritual. It will be 15′ in diameter and 25′ long. The eyes shown here are one moment in a 30 minute video loop. The pod is covered with fifty-sixty 20″ TV monitors. Over these screens will be cast glass or plastic lenses that will magnify and distort the imagery.

The Pod interior will be modular quilted (faux) leather with buttons that tuft the leather into a huge Chesterfield couch. The buttons will be programmed LEDs. This will be a tranquil womb-like interior, which will feel cool, cozy, and luxurious. Perforations in the copper skin will allow air to circulate in and through the pod. People will have to pull themselves into the opening in the pod. They may tumble in. They may need a hand from someone to exit the pod. All part of the intimacy of The Pod.

The Pod, exterior

The Pod, interior

Close Encounters of the Kind, a 23M (75′) diameter rope hammock, this is a sculpture and an amphitheatre and more. It is a place for community and repose. It is an invitation, a place of uplift, of ritual, evoking ancient mandalas and other spiritual traditions. Perhaps people will be invited to take their shoes off upon entering. It will be made of color-fast 1/4″ marine-grade nylon rope, woven by a specialist in weaving and knotting.

Close Encounters of the Kind