Performing MR. LONELY in the canals of Amsterdam, people often see me standing at canalside, some 60' (20 meters) away, operating my remote control. They will approach with an amused or bemused expression and ask "why? what does it mean?"

The simple answer is that I don't know. It's a mystery where my ideas come from. It is the idea that initially appears the most absurd that I am ultimately compelled to build. The idea that makes me laugh and say "where the hell did THAT come from?!" is the one that becomes an obsession over the coming months.

It was a year and a half ago that I came up with the idea for MR. LONELY. On a conscious level, I suppose turning 60 had my day-dreams taking a darker turn. Watching my once-robust parents' health in decline;realizing that my own robust days are now numbered.

Also, the news of the Bush military misadventures and the eye-for-an-eye brutalities in the middle east helped me to answer the question: "what road haven't I yet taken."

But that's all after-the-fact rationalization. I really do these things just to see them.

MR. LONELY, Amsterdam