The ConferenceBike is a patented product, an outgrowth of my Octos, and inspired by my years in Amsterdam. It is a 4-wheeled vehicle built for 7 people sitting in a circle. One person steers while everyone is free to pedal, or not, as the bike moves effortlessly along.

Take the ride now! Visit the CONFERENCEBIKE website.

We live in an age of mobility and convenience. Our technology, our cars and laptops and cellphones, are insulating us more and more.
The ConferenceBike is an antidote, a symbol and a tool for bringing people together.


ConferenceBikes are built in Kootwijkerbroek, The Netherlands. There are now 350+ of them in 20 countries.

CONFERENCEBIKE, Hannover, Germany 

The ConferenceBike has an effect on people that is truly amazing: everyone who rides a ConferenceBike lights up smiling! It lowers inhibitions and after just a few minutes even total strangers are talking to one another.

CONFERENCEBIKE, York, United Kingdom

ConferenceBikes are being used for tourism;on university and corporate campuses;for seniors recreation and by organizations for deaf/blind and handicapped.