When I first got the idea for BUBBLEHEADS I laughed and said to myself: "where the fuck did that come from?" so goofy did I first find it. But I knew I wanted to make something more strange and less friendly than the LIGHTMOBILE. So I said: "OK, get goofy!"

I wanted to do a piece that would grab people by their hearts, shock them out of their reality. If you see BUBBLEHEADS coming down your street late at night while you're out walking your dog, you pretty much jump when we appear, silently, pedaling in unison, part human, part humanoid. It takes a moment to react, to take it in. Some people look away, uncomprehending, or look around to see if this is part of a parade. Or, if they are not struck dumb, people will shout at us "who are you?" "WHAT are you?" "Where are you from?" "What are you advertising." "Does it have a name?" "Can we hire you?" "Can we come with you?"

We just glide by silently.


Me as a bubblehead