The BubbleBoat was commissioned for the Statue of Liberty Centennial in 1986 and was beloved in New York Harbor summers of 1986-91.

It was in storage during my time in Europe and restored by Paul Cesewski in 2013. Catch it, if you can, in San Francisco Bay!

The following email, from 10/17/13, is the embodiment of my ethos, the effect that I want my work to have on people.

Hello Mr. Staller,

I felt compelled to write this to you because of what I just saw online.

One of my most vivid memories as a child was getting a glimpse of your BubbleBoat in New York City. I was only about 5 or 6 years old and having dinner at a restaurant on the docks when the Bubble Boat floated by. I had no idea what it was at the time, but the way it gently bobbed, the lights and mysterious nature enchanted me ever since. My parents paid no heed as they were engrossed in important adult conversation, so with no witnesses really, I was left to wonder for decades if that memory was real or imagined.

From that moment of wonder, my imagination blew up. I spent quite a bit of time at the library absorbing everything possible about the stars, aviation, UFO’s, and science. But there was a beauty to the Bubble Boat that couldn’t be shaken, and so it was part of the reason why I am now not only an engineer but an artist, primarily in lighting.

Finally, tonight, the mystery was broken while visiting the website Engadget, watching a video featuring you and your work, part of their “Peripheral Vision” series.
Slack-jawed, overjoyed, there it was, BubbleBoat, the marvel that absolutely delighted and overwhelmed my childhood. I pointed at the screen and told my better half, “See, I told you, it’s real! This was what it was all along!”.

How could anyone forget such a sight? I just wanted to thank you for giving me such a surreal, fantastic memory, and a colorful brilliant moment to light up my life.

Best Wishes,
Sean Su

See the Engadget video