hand-shaped showcase for student displays

School and Fun, I don't know about you, but I never used those 2 words in the same sentence! So when the Singelland School in Holland asked me to create artworks for their new (sterile) building I jumped at the challenge.

Here is a hand-shaped showcase for student displays. I provided the inaugural installation to show how it can be done.


The main event of this commission is the KNIKKERBAAN, which means marble track in Dutch, a popular children's toy. And nothing is more popular in Holland than soccer, so I combined the 2 in a giant cause and effect game that fills the atrium of the school's entrance.

As a student turns a large ship's wheel on the 2d level, a conveyor belt of soccer shoes kicks a ball up the wall. The ball falls into a track and, as it descends, activates lights and sounds. Finally the ball sails off the track and is caught in midair by the "goalkeeper," and returned to the beginning of the game.

Wall of picture frames

Here is a wall of picture frames at the end of a corridor. The wall is designed as a cabinet where the pictures can be changed from the inside.


I called this BEESTKETBALL. Beest is the Dutch word for beast. Children, outgrowing their stuffed animals are urged to 'take a shot' at this bronze cone. When it is filled the school empties it and donates the stuffies to needy kids.

window with theatrical gels and glass objects

A window with theatrical gels and glass objects laminated to it.