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 WaterWonderWall was a great chance for me to get behind a camera again and re-visit the way I worked when I was starting out as an artist. In 1974 I had my first New York exhibition. In my book OUT OF MY MIND I wrote:
"By the time I had my first exhibition at the OK Harris Gallery, I was creating installations of slide projectors and super 8mm filmloop projectors. The viewer would enter a darkened gallery to see various screens hanging from the ceiling or on the floor, and illuminated by projected images that resembled moving paintings."

The company that commissioned the artwork is in Deventer, a medium sized town in the east of Holland. Tauw b.v. is a large engineering consulting company that municipalities hire for studies of enormous water handling projects. They asked me to interpret water for an artwork that would be the focal point of their headquarters' lobby.

I grew up overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and my imagery has often returned to water. This was absolutely fun to do! Not least of which was the opportunity to take a working vacation to Tenerife to 'paint' with a mini-DV camera, water in all its splendor. The installation takes the form of 8 flat screen TVs built into an aluminum sculpture, with a 40-minute programmed video loop. WaterWonderWall resembles a kaleidoscope and the artwork can be very hypnotic. People passing by every day will see a different moment in the program. People waiting for appointments at Tauw can sit and be transported for a few minutes.
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